Our Process

Our Process

Step 1


At Lauren Intl, 80% of our roses are grown in Hydroponics and 20% in fertile red soil. The propagation stage takes between 6-8 weeks. The plants are kept separate and carefully nurtured in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, before they are transferred to large greenhouses and planted in beds of Hydroponics or soil.

Step 2

Crop management

The plants are then irrigated twice daily using a drip system. The water used for irrigation is combined with minerals to keep the plants healthy. Pest control measures are in place, where the plants are sprayed daily to avoid any damages and disease. It takes approximately 4 months for these plants to produce the first harvestable flush.

Step 3

Grading and sorting the roses

The flowers are individually harvested and transported to the grading hall where they are carefully graded and sorted according to head size, stem length and variety.

Step 4

Quality control

Top-notch quality is maintained throughout the entire process by our Quality Control team, who ensure our client’s orders and expectations are satisfied in full.

Step 5


Our flowers are then packed in our excellently branded and storage efficient cardboard boxes, by our packing team. Packing rate per box is dependent on the head size, stem length and variety of our client’s order.

Step 6


At Lauren International, our flowers are stored in cold stores at a perfect temperature, in order to keep them fresh and in good condition before transportation. This way our customers enjoy the beautiful moments when they receive our flowers.

Step 7


The harvested flowers are carefully transported to dispatch areas to ensure no damages are incurred and to ensure good customer experiences.

Step 8


98% of our flowers are then dispatched internationally to 20 different countries, with 2% being sold locally. We are here to spread the love.

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