Sustainability is very important as it aims to use resources more efficiently to benefit the local and global community.
Lauren International has taken several steps to ensure this, through both recycling and reducing our carbon footprint by being more dependent on renewable energy. Both these initiatives have edged us closer to sustainable farming.


There is a worrying amount of plastic waste on the planet. Nairobi generates 2,400 tonnes of solid waste daily, of which 60% is collected and only 10% recycled. The rest is mostly illegally dumped. At Lauren International, we have taken the initiative to recycle all the plastic and paper products we use at the farm to reduce the amount of waste our farm produces. We aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Carbon Footprint.

With global warming already a looming issue, we have made it our responsibility to become more dependent on renewable energy sources to decrease our carbon footprint. Our recent installation of a 120KW solar power plant will reduce our carbon emissions by 100 tonnes yearly.

Quality Roses